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Easy. Affordable. And just a little bit fun. That's what we want life to be like for you when you choose BizLand.

Having a Web site offers a unique opportunity to be creative and experiment a little ... to make a big impression without exerting a lot of time or money. After all, you can change a Web page in a lot less time and for a lot less money than you can update a brochure or sign.

Based on the name, you might have guessed that most of our customers are small business owners. And we do everything we can to make sure that having a Web site helps you improve your business without draining your time, money—or patience.

Of course, we also work with designers, individuals, families, civic groups, non-profit organizations, hospitals, libraries and a host (no pun intended) of other folks who need Web sites. Our memberships, tools and control panel are powerful enough to support sophisticated users and still simple enough for beginners.

In fact, we joke internally that our job is as much about being teachers as it is about being hosters. We want to help our customers grow—grow their Web sites, grow their businesses, grow their skill sets. (You can't imagine how many of our customers started out creating a simple Web site for themselves and ended up doing such a great job that people hire them to build more Web sites!)

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P.S. BizLand also offers an incredible robust and secure backend that offers 99+% uptime. You can count on your Web site and e-mail to work when you need them.